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Phone: 1-716-713-8826

Who am I?

I’m a full-time independent design consultant based in Buffalo, NY. who enjoys working with corporate marketing teams and business owners in designing logos, packaging, user interfaces and websites for over a decade, many of them leading to rapid user growth, large increases in sales, and millions in startup funding.

I’ve designed native apps, responsive web apps, e-commerce websites, and marketing websites for clients in many industries including: fitness, food & beverage, industrial, law, education, automotive, music, social, SaaS, enterprise, non-profits, and more.


Behind every design or development project is a business problem that needs a solution. I work with my clients to carefully identify this problem and strategize the right solution for their business. Design should be an investment (not an expense), so I’ll only take on projects where my fees are less than the projected business value of my work.

Work Ethic

I’m dedicated to working tirelessly on behalf of my clients. Their business problems are often difficult to solve, so I think deeply about the solution to deliver results on time and on budget. I’ve been freelancing since 2005 and have outstanding relationships with my clients because they know I’m working hard to help their business grow.