Jada Blitz Fitness Rebrand


Defending their hard-won market-share against a growing number of low-cost copycat rivals risked a race to the bottom, so Jada Blitz asked us to look at their own fitness for the challenges ahead. Jada Blitz believes in providing a custom fit for every body. The brand exposes typical gym chains as the cynical offering that they are, and offers a more premium-feeling experience than other low cost gyms for the same price. Where others deceive with grey areas, vague promises or elitist images of an unobtainable ideal, Jada Blitz is the honest brand that lays everything out in black & red. After establishing sales objectives, identifying opportunities and unique points of differentiation, Hubspoke got to work on developing an education and retention marketing strategy that utilized multi-channel marketing tactics that included a complete rebrand, drip marketing campaigns, relationship marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, video, event promotions and Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. We collaborated to create a connected system where user engagement buying process is measured throughout the sales funnel. The result was a 30% increase in membership and personal training enrollment. With the marketing strategy in place, Jada Blitz has a roadmap to pave the way for their aggressive growth strategy for many years to come.